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sm-119If you have Stress (and who doesn’t), physical challenges, pain, emotional and/or spiritual confusion, grief or discontent, or you just need to experience peace and relaxation, you will want to try a Reiki session. A Reiki treatment will induce a profound state of relaxation. Reiki supports and encourages a natural state of balance within you. Reiki will compliment any of your other medical or natural therapies and is an excellent preventative measure to maintain good health. Reiki is not used to diagnose or treat specific conditions as it encourages coherence in the entire body/mind/spirit state, therefore activates your own natural healing capacity. You will find that as the body/mind shifts into a new pattern, it is not unusual to experience a positive change physically and otherwise.   Not practiced as a religion, Reiki flows into any belief system. In fact, all find Reiki to induce a spiritual peace. You receive your treatment fully clothed and relaxing on a comfortable massage table. No manipulation is used, but simple light touch and your practitioner’s attention gives you a most powerful and peaceful healing interval. My Reiki session include a preliminary talk, a full body Reiki session (on the heated Bio-Mat if desired), energy balance and grounding and takes about an hour.

Sessions can be combined with mentoring guidance and energy field assessments or deep clearing work.  Many find a combination of spiritual insight, clearing and Reiki to be most helpful.  We can tailor your session to your needs.

Reiki can also be performed with the receiver sitting in a chair or at a bedside. Distance Reiki is also available and a blessing for those who cannot be present in person.

Individual sessions:  1 1/2 hours $75    2 hours $90

  Children benefit from Reiki too and accept it on a deep level.  In person children sessions usually 1/2 hour depending on circumstance
  Distance Reiki is quite effective for those who cannot be present in person. Distance Reiki is wonderful for those hospitalized or homebound as well.  Distance Reiki  session $45


spacer-graphicH.U.G.G. (Healing with the Universal Grace of God) Session



In this powerful angelic light session, you will experience an emotional, energetic and physical clearing.  The focus of HUGG is in alignment with the Archangels and the unlimited Field of Grace.  These spiritual forces are introduced into your whole being, on many levels.  The result is an exceptionally deep healing.  It feels wonderful to be embraced and held in Angelic Light and bathed in the blessings of the unlimited Grace of God. Your systems will be balanced and replenished.  Your heart will overflow with love.  You will feel more connected to your spirit and at the same time more grounded and centered in your life.

The H.U.G.G. Method® is the heart inspired healing technique formulated by Kathy and Janet.  We offer these private sessions and also certified training if you wish to learn it yourself.  You will only find HUGG here and through our certified practitioners.

HUGG can be easily combined or added to any other session, such as Reiki.  Ask for it when you book your appointment!


spacer-graphicCOUNSELING AND INTUITION – Do you want a Spiritual Navigator?

Do you feel the need to figure out what is going on in your life today?  Feeling of confusion, anxiety, restlessness and the like may be wreaking havoc with your well being.  Sometimes we simply need a navigator to help guide us to a more empowered state, a state of awareness. For more than 25 years I have been combining my skills in intuitive connections and emotional energy assessment to help others in regaining a more centered and clear direction to healing.  In a Spiritual Counseling session I will access what your words and your energy have to communicate and assist leading you from confusion to clarity.  In a more empowered state, you are able to quickly access healing and renewal. I offer perspectives that may help you understand your journey in a meaningful way. I work only in the Light and trust the wisdom that comes through for you.  All sessions are confidential and your well being is my primary concern.   Sessions usually last 1 ½ hours and can be ended with an energetic/spiritual integration healing.


Experience the supportive nature of therapeutic essential oils.  In our healing journey, essential oils can promote healthy processes and responses in body and mind.  Call me for a free consultation and energetic scan of what oils are best for you every step of the way. I would love to educate you in possibilities!


It is to our advantage to vibrate at the highest possible frequency.  Our frequency affects everything about us and reflects our availability to heal.  Most things that lower our frequency are subconscious or long held states of emotions.  Feelings about ourselves and others.  Feelings of how empowered we are to make changes. Discovering and changing the non-beneficial energy frequencies within us and between ourselves and others is a shift toward positive change. Clearings can definitely help make our vibrations rise toward transformative levels.  Burdens release, binding ties with subconscious and conscious patterns shift and negative relationships ease when this energetic clearing technique is applied. There are too many advantages to enumerate in one description so be sure to ask about how a clearing can help your situation.


spacer-graphicCHAKRA WORK

chakrasThe knowledge of the Chakra Energy System is rooted in ancient Vedic teachings yet remains a relevant and important modern vehicle for your healing. The Chakras (Wheels of Energy) are located invisibly within the human body and effect the organs, nervous system, emotional and spiritual balance as well as being receptacles of fundamental experiences that form your life attitudes and beliefs. A balanced Chakra system is valuable and essential component to affect your general state of well being as well as creating a rapid pathway for healing potential, whether it is a challenge in the physical body; or a question of emotional or spiritual significance. I have worked extensively in the Chakra energy both as an intuitive (wherein I can sense and communicate with your energy) in addition to developing and practicing specific chakra balancing techniques that speak directly to your individual needs. I do my Chakra work in several different ways; from a basic balancing (part of a normal Reiki session) to an in-depth cleansing and clearing (a specialized individual session). I do intuitive communication with your Chakras when you have an in-depth session and also during a reading.  Chakra education classes are regularly scheduled to further your familiarity with this profound biofield of energy.


Attention to your aura is included in a typical Reiki Session. If I sense a greater need for Aura Repair or Grounding, I will specifically address with you the need for a more advanced protocol.  The deepest healing and repair is called a Basic Grid Healing and focuses on the fundamental energy grid that supports the other bio-field energies. The Basic Grid Healing often shifts long held or restricted energy that may be keeping a person in a chronic state of dysfunction. If you feel you are in need of assistance, please come in for an assessment. For general knowledge it is to everyone’s advantage to know how to maintain on your own, a clear, cleansed and protected aura space and grounded energy state. Please put our Energy and Aura Management Classes on your to do list. Check the calendar for the next scheduled date. These are very popular classes as the methods are clear and easy to use for anyone, without regard for experience or knowledge of the Aura. You will love its effect in your life!

spacer-graphicPRAYER WORK

Communication and enrichment is always available through the Spiritual Self. Working with specifically focused prayers to encourage the healing path of whatever is challenging you is something I enjoy. In an individual session we can focus prayer for your expressed needs as well as bringing in supporting Divine Light to enhance and surround all that you are and all that you do. This work is especially nourishing and uplifting. You can be assured that you are safely embraced by the Light and in the unconditional nature of the Divine. Individual Sessions are priced the same as a Reiki session and can be combined if desire.

I can also write specific prayers just for you and your situation which you can use to encourage healing.  I will be happy to consult with you and create a prayer tailored to your needs.

Group Prayer and Group Healing Sessions are also available and regularly scheduled. If you desire to get your own group together or have a group intention or need that you want to concentrate on, please contact me.

spacer-graphicAngel Messages by Email

Do you need a quick message to give you or someone you love insight, comfort or direction? I will access Angelic guidance for you and send the individualized message to you via your e mail. All messages are brought through with the highest of intent and in the vibration of love. Request your message by contacting me at If you need an Angel pick-me-up request your message today!  Angel Messages are also wonderful and unique gifts.  $40

spacer-graphicPast Life Profile

An Original and Unique Process

I think everyone likes to understand themselves better. We are intrigued with the idea of the continuation of the soul’s experience from one lifetime to another. What does our past have to tell us to help us in our present? Explore this concept in an original and unique process. This is an in-depth, well considered and intuited past life profile which I send to you by e-mail or snail mail when completed. The profiles are typically 1,000 words and detail one of your past lifetimes, which I retrieve intuitively as the lifetime most relevant to you at this time. It will encompass that lifetime’s time, place, gender, occupation and your important experiences and how they affected you then (and what effect they may still have). Rich with emotional content, my clients have said they received a profound recognition of themselves via this method and feel they got answers to life long questions. This is not a computer generated program…I do each profile personally. The follow up conversation is via phone or in person $200 – 1 lifetime profile with private one-on-one review  Call for more details or to order.

spacer-graphicHouse Blessings and Cleansing

Helpful whether you are moving to a new house or building or simply feel you need an energy cleanse of your present environment.  Fee depends on distance and scope of work.