Articles for the Month of January 2015

Where we are is perfect!

cayceWhere we are is perfect! Sometimes it’s because we survived and realized we could. Sometimes it’s because we endured and feel relieved. Sometimes it’s because we learned and became empowered. But here we are, in this very moment without any surety, except, yes…here we are.

Could it be that if we begin from here, here begins to be more of a guide than an obstacle? What wonderful things you have gathered so far in your life! Patience, fortitude, endurance, capacity for joy, love and understanding – all are imprinted in your footsteps from there to here. And of course, they can be imprinted in all your footsteps from here to there. It’s not the circumstances that shape us, but our reactions to them. Choice, of course, is the defining power of our earthlife. We just can’t skip over that. We can’t avoid it or give it over to someone or something else. Better we accept this perfect opportunity, today, to start leading ourselves since who else has had our experiences, but us?